▼ ALL THE INFORMATION HERE ▼ Howdy! And welcome again! For the restoration, I give you a day on my plate with quite simple and fast vegan recipes. I have never been very current on Youtube in current months as a result of I used to be busy elsewhere, particularly with my EBOOK challenge for vegan sauces. E-book Sauce It Up (30 vegan sauce recipes): http://bit.ly/SauceItup-E-book __________________________ Breakfast: 30g oatmeal 2 weetabix 100 ml almond milk with out added sugar Bjorg 100g vegetable yogurt 1 cooked apple 1 soy latte latte with creamy foam Reusable espresso capsules https://amzn.to/3c8Ens9 (affiliate hyperlink) Lunch: 2 lavash cucumber tomato yogurt mint sauce buns (E-book: http: // bit. ly / SauceItup-E-book) Dinner (for two folks): 2 courgettes 1 vegetable steak (Findus or different) 3-Four sun-dried tomatoes Cheddar sauce (E-book: http://bit.ly/SauceItup-E-book) Compote: 6 kg apple gala 400g frozen raspberries 100g blueberries 1 tsp vanilla seed __________________________ ▸INSTAGRAM @aliceesmeralda https://www.instagram.com/aliceesmeralda/ ▸MON BLOG https://alice-esmeralda.com ▸MY SAUCE EBOOK http: // bit .ly / SauceItup-E-book ▸MON CUISINE BOOK https://amzn.to/2BHcXI7 (affiliate hyperlink) 80 vegan recipes + 70 pages of knowledge on r well being diet, the vegan life-style and breeding situations ▸MY EQUIPMENT https://alice-esmeralda.com/shop-mes-favoris __________________________ ► this video shouldn’t be sponsored nor monetized 🐑💨.