For this session we use a bass frequency of 528hz with a binaural of three.5hz

528 — “Transformation and Miracles (DNA Restore)”/Solfeggio Frequency; “Utilized by genetic scientists to fix DNA/strengthens cell wall to spice up immunity”

3.5 — Feeling of unity with every thing, accelerated language retention; enhancement of receptivity]; Earth Resonance; (a treatment for) despair & nervousness; Wholebeing regeneration, DNA stimulation

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Regularly requested questions:

Q: Do I want headphones for this to work?
A: If you’re watching any of our binaural beat music then sure, you do want headphones. If you’re listening to our meditation music, headphones will not be wanted (however advisable).

Q: How do I inform if there’s binaural beats in a video?
A: All of our movies with binaural beats may have “Binaural Beats” within the title.

Q: What headphones do you utilize / advocate?
A: Virtually any headphone will work, the upper the audio high quality the higher. We personally use, and strongly advocate these right here:

Q: What gear do you utilize to make your music?
A: We use an unlimited quantity of software program, here’s a listing of our bodily gear (audio system, headphones, mic)

Headphones – AKG 712 Professional:
Audio system – 2 Yamaha HS8:
Audio Interface – Common Audio Apollo Twin:
Mic – Shure SM7B:
Digicam – Canon EOS M50:

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