50 Minute Hatha Yoga Circulate (sweaty) studying forearm stability | Fightmaster Yoga Movies

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This intermediate/advanced beginner class will make you strong and sweaty. Burn lots of calories and learn forearm balance aka Pincha Mayurasana. Thank you to Quinn Quesenberry for suggesting this pose. If you have a pose or an idea for a class, please leave it in the comments below. Please hit the “like” button if you like this class and tell a friend who might be interested in yoga classes for FREE! If you can afford to donate, please click the donate button below. 🙂

As always listen to your body and rest whenever you like (you can always hit the pause button). Namaste!

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22 thoughts on “50 Minute Hatha Yoga Circulate (sweaty) studying forearm stability | Fightmaster Yoga Movies”

  1. This felt great! I rarely take the time for a longer yoga session, but everytime I do I think I should do so more often. It totally pays off. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for this. It was a great class and I feel I am finally getting the forearm balance. I would love to see a really deep stretch Hatha practice and here a small guided meditation. You have a very sweet and calming voice and you always find great quotes. I imagine your meditations would be a really nice way to go into the day

  3. I just came across this video, and I was able to get up off the ground for the first time ever. My goal is to do it without a wall come my 30th in Sept. I really appreciate how you lead this class and I connect with you as an instructor. I look forward to following along to more of your videos. Thank you for your time.

  4. Another beautiful session, as always: Thank you for sharing your gift and your sweet energy! I recommend your channel to everyone I know; you keep such a good balance between challenging and relaxing, and I love how you explain form. I always feel decompressed physically, emotionally, and spiritually afterward. Thank you thank you <3

  5. Omg I think this is my fav yoga class to date and I've followed a LOT on YouTube!! I've been working up to pincha for a while now and today managed to get about 5 seconds air time off the wall I'm so excited!!! Thank you for this easy to follow class as always. Sending all my love and light to you Leslie 💖Love Tori xxx

  6. Hello Leslie and thank you again for this flow ! I have some difficulties with the forearm balance : I succeed in balacing once in the pose but I need a wall because my kick is too hard. Maybe a lack of core strength or a lack of flexibility in my legs ? Would you have any tip to improve my practice ? Thank you, have a good day 🙂

  7. I did my first forearm balance! It was such an amazing feeling. I had to keep the yoga blog there the whole time because my hands kept wanting to form a triangle shape without it – any tips for keeping the forearms in place? Thank you so much for this practice.

  8. For some reason i just got around to trying this class. Loved it! I already love forearm stand but it's fun and instructive to go at it from different perspectives like this. Thanks!

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