Religious self-discipline that via a sequence of energetic activations permits the rise of the passage of significant vitality via our psychophysical system. The Reiki Self-discipline will increase vanity and love, favors taking a look at and dwelling the longer term with confidence. Develop love and understanding in the direction of each dwelling being. It needs to be specified {that a} Reiki therapy shouldn’t be a therapeutic massage, in reality it’s sufficient solely to softly place the arms on the a part of the physique to be handled for the vitality passage to happen. Course venue: 1. Artegna (UD) through Villa 131/1 2. Cervignano del Friuli (UD) through dei Novai 1 3. Zoppola (PN) through Pontebbana 46/48 For info and reservations: Tel: 340 3756877 e-mail :