The food / products I show in this video are not all vegans eat 🙂 We don’t consume especially overprocessed food and try to eat seasonal nutrition. Apart from what we eat, there are also a wide variety of foods. ♡♡ -739 uğ Wheat Gluten: ⇒Nohut Flour: -gr-527 eVegan Cheddar: erFermente Cashew Yogurt: https: //www.ta com / p / BnV9nOHByZT / ⇒Mold Almond Cheese: m My other videos you may want to watch: ⇒ Oat Milk Recipe: Yu4BnJxvkW4 & t = 14s ⇒Kaju Yogurt Recipe: ⇒Hurma Balls Recipe: ⇒So Chatli Vegan Breakfast: https:/ : // v = uhyjmFzbVhk & t = 1734s ⇒ Why Vegan? : https: // v = lXjwSVwTuMk & t = 67s ütünThe Dark Side of the Milk: 🤓TAKIPTE STAY: ⇒Instagram: https: / / ⇒Twitter: ⇒Facebook: