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Michael Sandler

If you’ve ever wanted to heal, overcome challenges, bring in more prosperity, or live the life of your dreams, then do we have the Creative Visualization show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking with Marc Allen, leader, writer, author, and composer and the co-founder of New World Library along with Shakti Gawain on her groundbreaking book, that’s just hit its 40th anniversary, with over seven million copies sold, Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life .

Today we’ll talk about Shakti Gawain’s 8 million copy international best-selling book, and the creative visualization and affirmation techniques she teaches.

This is one of our all-time best interviews for sharing powerful techniques, rather than philosophy, on exactly how to do visualizations, how to do affirmations, and how to attract into your life whatever you desire.

Marc Allen is an internationally renowned author and speaker, the president and publisher of New World Library, and an accomplished musician and composer.

Marc’s most popular book is The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams . It is an entire course, filled with keys to success. Over the years, he has written and published several other books, including Visionary Business: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success, which brought his principles to those in the business world, and A Visionary Life, which remains one of the best books ever written on personal fulfillment.

Marc co-founded New World Library with Shakti Gawain in 1977 and has guided the company from a small start-up with no capital to its current position as one of the leading independent publishers in the country. Along the way, he has published many books that have changed lives, including Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization.

Marc is a well-known musician and composer as well, having produced five albums of music for his label Watercourse Media. His latest composition is a soaring orchestral work called Awakening, and his first instrumental album, Breathe, has now sold nearly 100,000 copies and has been named a “New Age Golden Oldie” by NAPRA.

Marc has discovered, through trial and error, a proven set of principles and simple practices that can help each of us live the life of our dreams, doing what we love to do, while adhering to compassionate, conscious values. His books, audios, and seminars — and the powerful books he has published — have been life-changing experiences for millions of people.

Key Topics:
• What happened to Marc Allen before his thirtieth birthday?
• How did visualizations and affirmations completely turn things around?
• What one exercise did Marc Allen do on his 30th birthday that was so powerful?
• How do we do this exercise?
• When did he meet Shakti Gwain?
• How did they start writing an international best-seller?
• What kind of creative visualization work did they do before publishing Creative Visualizations?
• How did they print the first 2000 copies on borrowed money?
• How did the book take off without any marketing or promotions, and what did visualization work have to do with it?
• What’s the power of affirmations?
• What’s the best way to use affirmations?
• What are a few key pointers for affirmations?
• What does it mean we have to dare to affirm?
• What does it mean that energy is magnetic?
• What are the best techniques for using creative visualizations?
• What’s the “this or something better” statement?
• What’s the importance of relaxing?
• What’s the best time to visualize?
• What are the 4 steps for effective creative visualization?
• Does visualization mean you have to see a mental image?
• What are the necessary elements for intention?
• What’s it mean to be connected with your higher self?
• How do we overcome scarcity programming?
• What one exercise can we begin today to bring about what we desire?
• What’s a self-appreciation meditation?
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38 thoughts on “🌟 MARC ALLEN: The four Most Highly effective Visualization Strategies! + Affirmations | Inventive Visualization”

  1. Two adorable loving men. Such classic simple methods. I credit Creative Visulization for healing my knee injury 25 years ago and saving me from an operation. I did the healing visulization only once and it worked. I was innocent and had no expections. I'm going back to these straight forward tecniques as it really is more simple than we make it! xxx

  2. Hey, Marc. You nailed many of the limiting beliefs that were fed to my five year old self. Lovely flow of conversation. Meanwhile, Shakti Gawain's book, Creative Visualization, gave me tremendous power, and brought me the miracle I absolutely needed in 1993. (Pretty sure that's the year). Pure miracle. Meanwhile, here I am, looking for more where that came from. This time, it's more of a mundane, day to day need for renewal in career and joy. Looking for joy in creating my income, home life, and self expression. Gracias.

  3. I am #365 to like this great interview. You did a great job interviewing Marc. He takes all the stress out of positive creative visualization. Awesome job.

  4. Excellent!! Excellent!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!! This was a different take on the whole manifesting idea. Marc's view is so simple and stress free. He makes you feel like you don't even have to do it perfect for it to work. And that takes a tremendous amount of stress off people. Also you can be ambitious and lazy at the same time!!! Who ever heard of such a thing??? But it definitely shows you that all things are possible if you believe!!!!!!! There's more than one way to manifest things and they all work!!!!!! This was one of my favorite interviews!! I loved both the host and the guest!! Both equally interesting!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!!!😊

  5. Cut & paste from Wikipedia " Siegel's theories concerning the purported benefits of psychosocial support therapy remain unproven. He has stated: "a vigorous immune system can overcome cancer if it is not interfered with, and emotional growth toward greater self-acceptance and fulfillment helps keep the immune system strong", but he has published no scientific study supporting these claims.[7] A cohort study intended to measure the effects of positive mental imagery on breast cancer survival rates found no significant impact.[8] Earlier indications of strong beneficial effects in the study were found to be a statistical error due to selection bias.[9] However, a possible effect could not be ruled out, as the study had a "relative lack of statistical power", and that "the program might have other beneficial effects on the quality of life".[9]

  6. Michael, i love your interviews. You are great! I have subscribed your channel, because of Marc Allen’s interview.I’ve listened it again today. He is my mentor.

  7. Such a great and insightful contribution. Love this content. Michael can you tell me which of Marc's books outlines and describe his goal making process? This is brillant!

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