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Inspire Nation

Michael Sandler


If you’ve ever wanted to shift your life, discover what you’re made of, and rock it toward your dreams, then do we have the deconstruction show for you.

Today we’ll talk about deconstructing our lives, and tearing things down, in order to build something better.

We also talk about the power of getting uncomfortable, deconstructing & unraveling parts of your life in order to build something new.

We’ll look at why discomfort serves you and can be a powerful, positive tool for direction and guidance in your life. We’ll look at ways to manage your emotions, your time, to set priorities, and re-evaluate what’s most important to you.

And we’ll look at the spiritual significance of tearing down the old, in order to build the new.


As an Asian-American with 25 years in Corporate America AND an spiritual explorer, CJ is a bridge between science and spirit,Western and Eastern, as well as logical and intuitive. She seeks out ideas from seemingly opposite sides of an issue to help her audience plug into what’s unfolding on a global scale. From energy healers to surgeons, psychics to psychologists, and vegans to ranchers, her diverse guests reflect her commitment to engage, challenge, entertain and enlighten in every show.


So you’re not a monk, but you still want to live a spiritual life? Then Fire it UP with CJ is the place to go! Yep, no shaved heads or orange garments needed to stay grounded, expand your awareness and be inspired to live your best life. Every week CJ interviews some of the most provocative trailblazers in the fields of spirituality, environment, relationships, and parenting. Gandhi had it right when he said change comes from the inside out. Open your mind, open your heart, and make the world a better place just because you’re in it.

Tune in to the all-new episodes of Fire it UP with CJ Wednesday at 5/4c!

Key Topics:

What our ayurvedic body types have to do with anything?
Why you want to question everything and look at your limiting beliefs
How you can work to bring more space into your life
What’s the importance of deconstructing your schedules to rebuild your life
What are deconstructions and how can they serve us?
Why disorienting can be a positive – and then how to reorient your life
What it means to make time for the deconstruction and reconstruction process
How to let go or heal your losses in order to be free and rebuild
What are closing rituals?
What’s a technology Shabbat?
How do we use newfound time to serve our lives?
What it means to create space
What it means to be presence or mindful with your space and how you’re engineering your life?
What it means to go with the flow, rather than trying to force doors open?
What it means to be between fear and flow – and what to do when you’re there
What It means that done is better than great?
What it means to burn your telomeres, and why it’s important to know
What’s the importance of asking if something is serving you or not
What we can learn from Paul Sellig and his guides?
What’s the book Michael Sandler has started writing
What does automatic writing have to do with anything
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What it means that everything is happening for us and through us, rather than to us
What’s the importance of allowance in the decontruction process
What’s the art of surrender



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