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This can be a mind-blowing, world-view altering interview. Not solely do I share my very own Ayahuasca experiences and the way they’ve reworked my life, my visitor Rachel Harris, PhD shares how she was referred to as to analysis this wonderful plant medication from the jungle. Her analysis research how the Ayahuasca vine has affected, healed, and reworked the lives of individuals all over the world.


If you happen to’ve ever struggled to seek out which means in life, or with anxiousness, despair, dependancy, or PTSD, then do we’ve the Listening to Ayahuasca present for you!

Right this moment I’ll be speaking with researcher and psychologist Rachel Harris, PhD. She’s obtained a Nationwide Institute of Well being New Investigator’s award, printed greater than forty scientific research in peer-reviewed journals and is the writer of an excellent new learn that’s certain to alter lives, Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Despair, Dependancy, PTSD, and Anxiousness .

And that’s simply what I need to speak together with her about right now, about knowledge from the plant world, for hope, steerage, therapeutic, and course in our lives.


Psychologist Rachel Harris, PhD is the writer of Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Despair, Dependancy, PTSD and Anxiousness. She was in non-public follow for thirty-five years working with folks serious about psychospiritual growth. Throughout a decade working in analysis, Rachel obtained a Nationwide Institutes of Well being New Investigator’s Award and printed greater than forty scientific research in peer-reviewed journals. She has additionally consulted to Fortune 500 corporations and the United Nations.

In 2005 Rachel traveled to a retreat middle in Costa Rica and serendipitously discovered herself with the chance to drink ayahuasca tea with Ecuadorian shamans. The morning after her first ceremony, Rachel started asking questions in regards to the therapeutic potential of this medication. She carried out a three-year analysis challenge with Lee Gurel, PhD that resulted in “A Examine of Ayahuasca Use in North America,” printed within the Journal of Psychoactive Medication (Summer time, 2012).

Key Matters:
• What’s Ayahuasca?
• The place is it discovered?
• How was it discovered?
• What circumstances can Ayahuasca assist with?
• What’s its function?
• Is Ayahuasca a drug or a drugs?
• What’s an Ayahuasca ceremony like?
• How did Ayahuasca grandmother discover researcher Rachel Harris PhD?
• What was her first Ayahuasca expertise in Costa Rica?
• What was the intention she set earlier than the Ayahuasca ceremony?
• What did she need to do after that?
• What does it imply to be referred to as to do the work?
• What did she first study from her expertise with Ayahuasca?
• What does Ayahuasca educate us about ourselves
• How did Rachel start researching Ayahuasca journeys and other people’s experiences?
• What are among the key studying’s folks have gotten from their experiences?
• What are among the key themes?
• What does love need to do with Ayahuasca?
• How do relationships change after Ayahuasca visions?
• How does emotional therapeutic from despair, anxiousness, and even PTSD happen?
• Can folks bodily heal from sickness, and even most cancers after consuming Ayahuasca tea?
• What’s the significance of getting a information?
• How does Ayahuasca assist folks contact the deceased?
• How does it change folks perceptually?
• What does divine gratitude need to do with something
• Are there any dangers with Ayahuasca?
• What is an effective unhealthy journey?
• What does it imply to enter a relationship with grandmother Ayahuasca?
• How does it change one’s non secular perspective with the world
• Why is Grandmother Ayahuasca right here within the west from the Amazonian Rain Forest?
• What one homework project can we take away from right here?
• For Extra Data Go to: http://www.ListeningToAyahuasca.com