♡ K r y s t a l i z e d ♡ B e a u t y ♡


– Get rid of anxiety and emotional eating.
– Get rid of cravings (junk food, sugar…).
– Get healthy eating habits, love eating healthy food.
– Smaller appetite, get full quickly.
– Eating without gaining weight.
– Develop a strong willpower.
– Motivated to workout, love to workout.
– Lose lot of weight while working out.
– Lose lots of weight in entire body and face ( belly, arms, legs, back, double chin, cheeks…). Lose it quickly.
– Never gain weight.
– Burn fat and calories quickly.
– Fast metabolism and digestion.
– Toned body (abs, butt, legs, arms, back…).
– Slim body and face (belly, legs, arms…).
– Hourglass body figure (bigger br ea st and bu tt with slender wasp waist, flat stomach, round hips) get rid of dip hips.
– Attractive and seductive na ked body. Breath taking gorgeous good looks.
– Get a very feminine body.
– Surpass conventional beauty standards.
– Improve skin elasticity (firm and young skin).
– Get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.
– Body free of imperfections.
– Get quick and permanent results. See the results clearly.
– Attract adoration, money, good luck and success.
– Attract clothes, shoes and accessories.
– Attract makeup and skin care.
– Attract and mesmerize men and women.
– Higher self-esteem.

I m p o r t a n t :

♡ Listen it minimum 30 minutes a day!
♡ Drink water, you need to be hydrated 🥂
♡ Listen between 10-40%
♡ Don’t overlisten! Take some breaks 💕
♡ Good Luck & Enjoy!!!

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