The Moola Mantra

Om Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Hari Om Tat Sat

Everytime you chant this Vedic Sanskrit Mantra, even with out understanding the which means of it, that itself carries energy. However when you realize the which means and chant it with feeling in your coronary heart, then the power will movement one million occasions extra powerfully. It’s due to this fact necessary to know the which means of the Moola Mantra whenever you use it.

This Mantra is like calling a reputation. Similar to whenever you name an individual he comes and makes you’re feeling his presence, in the identical method whenever you chant this mantra the Supreme Vitality manifests in every single place round you. Because the Universe is omnipresent, this Supreme Vitality can manifest wherever and anytime. Additionally it is essential to know that invocation of the Moola Mantra with deep humility, respect and with nice necessity makes the Divine Presence stronger.

OM has 100 totally different meanings. It’s mentioned, at first was the Supreme phrase and the phrase created each factor. That phrase is OM. If you’re meditating in silence deeply, you possibly can hear the sound OM inside. The entire of creation emerged from the sound OM. It’s the primordial sound or the Common sound by which the entire universe vibrates. OM additionally means inviting the upper power. This divine sound has the ability to create, maintain and destroy, giving life and motion to all that exist.

SAT means all penetrating existence that’s formless, shapeless, omnipresent, attribute much less, and high quality much less facet of the Universe. It’s the Unmanifest. It’s skilled as vacancy of the Universe. Lets say it’s the physique of the Universe that’s static. Every thing that has a kind and that may be sensed, developed out of this Un manifest. It’s so delicate that it’s past all perceptions. It could actually solely be seen when it has change into gross and has taken kind. We’re within the Universe and the Universe is in us. We’re the impact and Universe is the trigger and the trigger manifests itself because the impact.

CHIT is the Pure Consciousness of the Universe that’s infinite, omni-present manifesting energy of the Universe. Out of that is developed the whole lot that we name Dynamic power or pressure. It could actually manifest in any kind or form. It’s the consciousness manifesting as movement, as gravitation, as magnetism, and so on. Additionally it is manifesting because the actions of the physique, as thought pressure. It’s the Supreme Spirit.

ANANDA means bliss, love and friendship nature of the Universe. While you expertise both the Supreme Vitality on this Creation (SAT) and change into one with the Existence or expertise the facet of Pure Consciousness (CHIT), you enter right into a state of Divine Bliss and everlasting happiness (ANANDA). That is the primordial attribute of the Universe, which is the best and most profound state of ecstasy you can ever expertise whenever you relate along with your increased Consciousness.

PARABRAHMA is the Supreme Being in his Absolute facet; one who’s past house and time. It’s the essence of the Universe that’s with kind and with out kind. It’s the Supreme creator.

PURUSHOTHAMA has totally different meanings. Purusha means soul and Uthama means the supreme; the Supreme spirit. It additionally means the supreme power of pressure guiding us from the very best world. Purusha additionally means Man, and PURUSHOTHAMA is the power that incarnates as an Avatar to assist and information Mankind and relate intently to the beloved Creation.

PARAMATMA means the supreme internal power that’s immanent in each creature and in all beings, residing and non-living. It is the indweller or the Antaryamin who resides formless or in any kind desired. It is the pressure that may come to you everytime you need and wherever you need to information and aid you.

SRI BHAGAVATHI is the Female facet, which is characterised because the Supreme Intelligence in motion, the Energy (The Shakti). It’s referred to the Mom Earth (Divine Mom) facet of the creation.

SAMETHA means collectively or in communion with.

SRI BHAGAVTHE is the Masculine facet of the Creation, which is unchangeable and everlasting.

NAMAHA is salutations or prostrations to the Universe that’s OM and likewise has the qualities of SAT-CHIT-ANANDA, that’s omnipresent, unchangeable and changeable on the similar time, the supreme spirit in a human kind and formless, the indweller that may information and assist in the female and masculine types with the supreme intelligence. I search your presence and steerage on a regular basis.