IMPORTANT: ensure you set the quantity low sufficient so that you simply aren’t in a position to hear the affirmations. principally, should you can hear it together with your aware thoughts it messes together with your unconscious thoughts’s means to choose up on the affs.

× I  have a 100% carbon copy of Sahar’s face
× I  have the very same facial construction as Sahar
× I  have the very same facial options as Sahar
× I look increasingly more like Sahar each second
× I’ve the identical options that I discover probably the most enticing in Sahar
× I solely have the options that I select and need to have
× I’ve Sahar’s extraordinarily sharp jawline and excessive cheekbones
× My jawline will get 10x sharper each second
× I’ve the sharpest jawline on the earth
× I’ve the identical tiny button nostril as Sahar
× My nostril will get slimmer each second
× I’ve probably the most good nostril ever
× I’ve plump, rosy lips identical to Sahar
× My lips are consistently rising fuller
× I’ve the fullest, pinkest lips in the entire world
× I’ve Sahar’s cunning eye form and arched eyebrows
× I’ve Sahar’s tremendous excessive cheekbones
× My cheekbones get larger and sharper each second
× I’ve a small brow identical to sahar
× My options are completely positioned and aligned
× I look precisely like Sahar Luna