Rev. Ike: The best way to Use Thoughts Remedies to Manifest Your Wishes (Legislation of Attraction)

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden


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And remember this: There’s only one law, that is the law of thought. As a mind thinks, so is he. ~Rev Ike

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33 thoughts on “Rev. Ike: The best way to Use Thoughts Remedies to Manifest Your Wishes (Legislation of Attraction)”

  1. "… on the subconscious level of mind there is only now. there is no other time but NOW…. when we visualize or affirm it's always in the PRESENT TENSE…! I AM … say that until your subconscious mind accepts it in the NOWness of consciousness….."

    "when you give your mind treatments you always treat for What but never for How. … don't try to tell The Infinite How. tell It What, but not How..

  2. Hi I have to say wow! that really hits it on the head for me! everyone should hear just state what you choose and never tell the infinite how and just let the infinite direct you!! all blessings to rev ike ministry!

  3. So how can you "set a date" if you are getting the "now" feeling? This is what i find a little confusing. From my own experience, i find that the stronger the belief & the feel of the visualization, the faster it arrives. I've had manifestations show up the very next day, when the feeling & joy & excitement is very strong while i'm visualizing it. If i try to set a date, im afraid i might be stopping it from arriving as soon as possible. Works best if I just see it, feel it, be it. πŸ’– I am joyful πŸ’– i am brimming with health & vitality πŸ’– I am wealthy πŸ’– i am surrounded by exquisite beauty πŸ’– 😊 It gets easier the more you practice, but stay in your true nature which is already whole & complete. You don't "need", you already have it. It is yours, it is you. πŸ’–

  4. Great Share my
    friend… I been successfully practicing manifestation for the past 6
    years using affirmation and meditation. Recently, I been having great
    success using Ancient brain magnet(just google it). I trust it will give
    you great results too. Great results to us all. ty

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